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JUNE 2015 - in e-book format by Polis Books!

The year is 1930 and New York is a city on the edge. The Roaring '20s ended with the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression is only beginning. Banks are failing. Companies are closing their doors. Breadlines grow longer by the day. The only market making money is the black market: racketeering, rum running, and speakeasies. But when even those vices begin to weaken, the most powerful gangster on the Eastern Sea-board, Archie Doyle, sees the writing on the wall. He launches a bold scheme that, if successful, will secure his empire’s future beyond Prohibition. Beyond even the Great Depression. But when a mysterious rival attempts to kill Doyle’s right hand man, a dangerous turf war begins to brew. With his empire under attack, Doyle turns to his best gun, former boxer Terry Quinn, for answers. Quinn must use his brains as well as his brawn to uncover who is behind the violence and why before Doyle’s empire comes crashing down.


"Terrence McCauley takes the grand old style of the classic masters of the genre, spits in its eye, then artfully polishes a sharp sheen onto his words with a modern sensibility. But the key to what he does so blisteringly well, is that he never loses respect what makes the classic style great—all the while doing so in a way that makes it wholly his own."                                                                                                  

 --Todd Robinson, Anthony-nominated author of THE HARD BOUNCE

"Terrence P. McCauley’s Prohibition is the world I love—platinum blondes, double deals, smoky pool halls, crooked cops, stiff drinks, and tough guys who don’t talk about their feelings. His one-time prizefighter turned mob enforcer, Terry Quinn, is the right man to navigate these mean streets. And like the best tough guys, there’s just enough sentiment left in that hard, black heart of his to light these bleak alleyways."