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"(B)oasts tech savvy, international settings, nail-biting action, and an arsenal of twists."         Kirkus Reviews

"In our new reality, Terrence McCauley’s A Conspiracy of Ravens is not far from the realm of possibility. He hits all the right notes while creating an simultaneously entertaining and frightening scenario. Read it."                             Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of What You Break

"Two parts noir and three parts adrenaline-packed intrigue, A Conspiracy Of Ravens is gritty and fast and taut―all the right stuff when it comes to a good, no, a great thriller."               Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author

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“This spy thriller is hard to put down…because of the gritty and stylish  narrative, the virtually nonstop action, and the cutting-edge technology… Those looking for some top-shelf adrenaline-fueled literary escapism will be rewarded.”                                    - Publishers Weekly

"This exuberant thriller is, as they say, ripped from today's headlines...McCauley is also a wonderful dialogue writer. This one really sparks."              - Booklist (Starred review)

"A fast moving spy-vs-spy thriller." - Kirkus Reviews


"Terrence McCauley takes the grand old style of the classic masters of the genre, spits in its eye, then artfully polishes a sharp sheen onto his words with a modern sensibility... (H)e never loses respect what makes the classic style great—all the while doing so in a way that makes it wholly his own."

- Todd Robinson - author of The Hard Bounce & Publisher of Thuglit

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