Terrence McCauley

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A hijacked star freighter...
A lunar prison under siege...
A Space Marshall sent to face it all alone. 

In his first foray into science fiction, Terrence McCauley (winner of three New Pulp Awards in 2014) crafts a fast-paced, exciting story for the debut of The Gate Keeper Chronicles, McCauley’s Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series of digital singles.

Space Marshall Kyle Mackey is a Gate Keeper - one of the members of the Space Marshall Service to watch for unauthorized entry through the portal that allows near-instantaneous travel between Earth and Mars. But when his ship is attacked by a hijacked star freighter, Mackey feels something's not right. And when he's sent to investigate a downed transmitter at the moon's Prison Base Luna, he's absolutely sure of it. The only question: can he find the answers he needs before he loses his life? 

You can buy the first installment for $0.99 by clicking here.