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“(F)ast-paced spy thriller…tautly written, tightly plotted...delivers action and suspense aplenty.” - Booklist

“This spy thriller is hard to put down…because of the gritty and stylish  narrative, the virtually nonstop action, and the cutting-edge technology… Those looking for some top-shelf adrenaline-fueled literary escapism will be rewarded.” - Publishers Weekly

"…a contemporary spy/espionage novel that merges the brilliant old school spycraft of Charles Cumming and John le Carré with the technology and contemporary feel of Alex Berenson." - Library Journal

"A fast-moving noir spy thriller featuring a hard-ass protagonist who’s great with a gun."                 - Kirkus Review

Sympathy For The Devil is a thriller for the 21st century, rooted in harsh reality, packed with action and great characters. And Hicks is a hero for our times. He’s a little bit Dirty Harry, a little bit James Bond – though minus the martinis.      - Eric Beetner, Criminal Element



The University has been a clandestine organization since the days of the OSS. The University and its agents have always lived in the shadows; using its vast intelligence resources to help defeat the Nazis, end the Cold War and strike back at terrorists all over the globe. They have been at the forefront of global espionage for decades. Entrusted with running the New York Office of the University, James Hicks is one of the most powerful—and secretive—men alive.

But when Hicks' brilliant protege is turned by a terrorist group that has alarmingly already begun operating on U.S. soil, Hicks finds himself in a race against time to find out just how the agent has been turned and why. He must use The University’s covert global network to uncover a deadly biological plot that threatens to unleash a new era of chaos and anarchy not only on the United States, but on the entire western world.

A fast-paced contemporary thriller that calls to mind classics like The Day of the Jackal and The Hunt for Red October; Terrence McCauley has crafted a riveting novel of espionage that will immediately raise him to the forefront of our very best spy novelists.


"A fascinating, fast-paced spy thriller for the modern age, equal parts techno-wizardry and old-school tradecraft, and featuring a terrorist plot that reads like its been ripped from the headlines, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL is an exciting first entry in what's already a gripping intelligence saga."

--Owen Laukkanen, New York Times bestselling author of The Professionals

"Terrence McCauley takes the grand old style of the classic masters of the genre, spits in its eye, then artfully polishes a sharp sheen onto his words with a modern sensibility. But the key to what he does so blisteringly well, is that he never loses respect what makes the classic style great—all the while doing so in a way that makes it wholly his own."

--Todd Robinson, Anthony-nominated author of THE HARD BOUNCE

"I’ve always been a big fan of Terrence McCauley’s writing and with SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL he’s hit a home run. It’s thriller I read from cover to cover in one sitting. I look forward more adventures of James Hicks and his supporting cast of unforgettable characters.” 
--Jeffrey Siger, Internationally bestselling Author of the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Series.

"Make damn sure you read Terrence McCauley's SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL! James Hicks is a true hero for our puzzling and confusing times. He's a sinner who's a saint—and the nature of his game is Losers Get Laid to Waste."
--Tim O'Mara, author of the Raymond Donne novels

"I love a spy novel to be steeped in intrigue, where the shades of grey are myriad. I love a thriller to be action-packed and suspenseful. When a book comes along that delivers both, I'm stoked. Sympathy For The Devil delivers both in spades. A terrific book from a writer on the up and up."                           -- Matt Hilton - best selling author of the Joe Hunter thrillers